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Timothy gets grounded is the Go Animate version of Timothy goes to school. It will air sometime in 2017.


  1. Timothy Misbehaves at Dairy Queen (first episode)
  2. Timothy Kisses Yoko/Grounded
  3. Timothy Misbehaves at Toys R Us
  4. Timothy Misbehaves at the Cinemas/Grounded
  5. Timothy Cuts School/Grounded
  6. Timothy Gets Blamed on the Bus/Grounded
  7. Timothy Takes Lily's Shoe Off/Grounded
  8. Timothy Arrests Fritz/Grounded
  9. Timothy Talks Back to the Teacher/Grounded
  10. Timothy Misbehaves at Chuck E. Cheese's
  11. Timothy Kisses Grace/Grounded
  12. Timothy Misbehaves at his Doctor/Grounded
  13. Timothy Goes to Yoko's House while Grounded
  14. Timothy calls Juanita "stupid"/Grounded
  15. Timothy Gets sent to bed Early
  16. Timothy Hosts a sleepover while Grounded
  17. Timothy Kills Hip Hop Harry and gets Grounded
  18. Timothy Misbehaves on a School Field Trip
  19. Timothy Gets Grounded:The Movie Part 1
  20. Timothy Gets Grounded:The Movie Part 2
  21. Timothy Gets Grounded:The Movie Part 3
  22. Timothy Misbehaves at the New Fast Food Restaurant
  23. Timothy misbehaves at Yoko's Grandmother's funeral
  24. Timothy misbehaves at a Japanese Restaurant
  25. Timothy calls Miss Appleberry "Stinky Lady" and gets Grounded
  26. Timothy Takes Lily's Shoe Off Again/Arrested & Grounded
  27. Timothy calls Yoko "Jap Cat"/Grounded
  28. Timothy Gets Grounded on Christmas
  29. Timothy goes to Detention/grounded
  30. Timothy Misbehaves at Quiznos
  31. Timothy Misbehaves at Breakfast
  32. Timothy Misbehaves at his Dentist/Grounded
  33. Timothy calls Fritz "Stink Friend"/Grounded
  34. Timothy goes to Yoko's birthday party while Grounded
  35. Timothy watches the Super Bowl while grounded
  36. Timothy Goes trick-or-treating while Grounded
  37. Timothy Gets grounded on Easter
  38. Timothy teases the Frank twins/Grounded
  39. Timothy goes to Chuck E. Cheese while Grounded
  40. Timothy misbehaves at the dinner table/sent to bed early
  41. Timothy Behaves at the Toy Store/Ungrounded (last episode)
  42. Timothy's Dream's About Yoko/Grounded
  43. Timothy Mess up Grace's Painting/Grounded
  44. Timothy Stays At Days Inn/Grounded